EP No. 3 in the works

Hot on the heels of EP No. 2, we’ve already begun work on EP No. 3. With 3 songs almost complete, we’re making some serious progress, and are pleased with the the way it’s sounding. We’ve enlisted our good friend, Bryan Free to produce a few of the songs. Let me tell you, we feel stupid for not working with him sooner. He is such a positive creative force – it’s really a thing to behold. Anyway, just thought we’d keep you posted. Thanks for supporting independent music!


A new site for DD

We had been taking a songwriting, retooling break while members of the band pursued other ventures, but now we’re back in the saddle, rehearsing and recording. We’re about 60% finished with a new LP with the working title of “Cooking Tips for New College Students”. Hmm, maybe that’s not a great title. I guess we have work to do. Stay tuned for more.