Deepest Darkest Duo opening for Camp Crush and The Frequence

Nat and Nate will be acoustically opening the show and your heart 10/30 at Alberta Street Pub’s outdoor lounge. Friends Camp Crush and The Frequence will be performing as well. Wear a mask….and some deodorant, you dirty hippie! Show starts at 6pm…$12 at the door. Get tickets here.

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Nate Updates Your Butt on Good Vibrations

Hello, friends! Hope you’re having a great 2020………hahahahahahahahaha! Seriously though, it’s dogshit. We musical types don’t like to be locked down. Who does, really? But this is ME time, so I’m going to feel sorry for myself. Okay. Enough of that. On to fun stuff.

We’ve been recording demos of a slew of new songs. It’s been a challenge to come up with a process for writing without being in the same room together, but we’re making it work. Can’t wait to play the new ones for you. Well, actually we might be able to make something happen. What are you doing October 30th? Well, it would be nice to see you at Alberta Street Pub. Nat and I will be doing a duo acoustic thing, opening for Camp Crush and The Frequence. It will be fun!

In the meantime, go listen to Andy Shauf. He’s the last artist I was able to see live at a decent sized venue, and he was amazing!



cancelled – Alberta St. Pub

More details soon.

cancelled – Alberta Street Summer Bash

More details coming.

Firkin Tavern – Camp Crush | Rum River Cult | Deepest Darkest

Rad show where everybody knows your name. The Firkin is a throwback tavern from a simpler time in Portland. You’ll have a great time. Oh, and our friends, Camp Crush and Rum River Cult are joining us to make it an extra special night.

Hugs and Kisses, Yallz!



Makin some Noise

Ooh, it’s been a busy 2020 so far, but you wouldn’t know it if you judge by the number of posts here. We’re getting close to finishing the tracking portion on EP No. 3 (working title). It’s taken a bit longer, only because we keep adding more dang ole tunes. Just two days ago, Nat came to the DD studio and laid down some seriously nasty sounding guitar tracks on a brand new one with his Dekum guitar and Benson amp (both Portland-grown products). We’re so proud of how it’s going, it’s tempting to give you a sample. We’ll see 🙂

As for other happenings, part of the band will be joining our buds, Camp Crush for the 2020 edition of Cover Your Hearts – a benefit event where the music is self indulgent covers of your favorite (or maybe your most nostalgic) 80s and 90s tunes. It’s been happening for 12 years(?) and we’ve been a part of most of the last 11 years. So much fun. Hope you can make it.

Well, that’s it for now. See you at a show!

Deepest Darkest, The Celebrators, and The Frequence at Alberta St. Pub – Halloween Show!

Get your costume on for this rock show with buds, The Celebrators, and The Frequence. 21+ only. Let’s get sexy!

The Frequence, Portland, OR

The Celebrators, Portland, OR

Deepest Darkest, Camp Crush, and Billie Gale at Alberta Street Pub

Our PDX buddies, Camp Crush will be joining us and Billie Gale for a special Friday night show at Alberta Street Pub. It’s going to be a night to remember, so bring your polaroids and portable cassette recorders. Camp Crush kicks it off at 9pm sharp, followed by Billie Gale at 10pm, then Deepest Darkest at 11pm.

Billie Gale - the band
Billie Gale from Oakland, CA

Camp Crush - the band
Camp Crush from Portland, OR


Welcome New Band Members

As we near completion on our second album, I feel it’s time to introduce our new members:  drummer Andy Uppendahl and bassist Justin Palmer. Both fantastic musicians, Andy and Justin are bringing different dimensions to the band. Andy, a long-time friend has drummed in such amazing groups as Five O’clock People, Careen, Top Hat, and also currently Jaycob Van Auken and the Long Drags. Justin just so happens to be my brother in law (really I consider him an actual brother), and a tremendous bassist with a background in the dark arts of metal, playing with Regiment 26 for several years. I’ve always respected both musicians, and I’m excited to have them join Nat Johnson and I on our new musical journey. Godspeed!