Deepest Darkest and The Hugs at Laurelthirst (acoustic)

Let us strip for you – strip down the music to the meaty, songy parts. Nat and Nate will be putting together a set of oldies, newbies, covers, and soon-to-be-releasies. On the bill will be our longtime pals, The Hugs…basically Portland rock royalty. You will not regret this unique early evening of music.

EP No. 2 debriefing

Wow, what a night! 3-22 was a whirlwind. Special thanks to Subways on the Sun and Camp Crush for their amazing work promoting the show and then bringing their amazing music to the stage. I saw a sea of smiling faces enjoying the music. Also, huge thanks to Bryan Free for his piano work, and Deepest Darkest co-founder, Jared Abraham for bringing the percussion. We couldn’t have been happier with the night. Thanks to everyone who came, who bought a CD or shirt, and who made it so special. See you at the next show!

A new site for DD

We had been taking a songwriting, retooling break while members of the band pursued other ventures, but now we’re back in the saddle, rehearsing and recording. We’re about 60% finished with a new LP with the working title of “Cooking Tips for New College Students”. Hmm, maybe that’s not a great title. I guess we have work to do. Stay tuned for more.