EP No. 3 in the works

Hot on the heels of EP No. 2, we’ve already begun work on EP No. 3. With 3 songs almost complete, we’re making some serious progress, and are pleased with the the way it’s sounding. We’ve enlisted our good friend, Bryan Free to produce a few of the songs. Let me tell you, we feel stupid for not working with him sooner. He is such a positive creative force – it’s really a thing to behold. Anyway, just thought we’d keep you posted. Thanks for supporting independent music!


EP No. 2 debriefing

Wow, what a night! 3-22 was a whirlwind. Special thanks to Subways on the Sun and Camp Crush for their amazing work promoting the show and then bringing their amazing music to the stage. I saw a sea of smiling faces enjoying the music. Also, huge thanks to Bryan Free for his piano work, and Deepest Darkest co-founder, Jared Abraham for bringing the percussion. We couldn’t have been happier with the night. Thanks to everyone who came, who bought a CD or shirt, and who made it so special. See you at the next show!

A Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first show with the new roster at the Alberta Street Pub. It was a fantastic night of music. Coby Brown and The Frequence really knocked our socks off, and made for a memorable night. Can’t wait to see you March 22nd at Secret Society!

Welcome New Band Members

As we near completion on our second album, I feel it’s time to introduce our new members:  drummer Andy Uppendahl and bassist Justin Palmer. Both fantastic musicians, Andy and Justin are bringing different dimensions to the band. Andy, a long-time friend has drummed in such amazing groups as Five O’clock People, Careen, Top Hat, and also currently Jaycob Van Auken and the Long Drags. Justin just so happens to be my brother in law (really I consider him an actual brother), and a tremendous bassist with a background in the dark arts of metal, playing with Regiment 26 for several years. I’ve always respected both musicians, and I’m excited to have them join Nat Johnson and I on our new musical journey. Godspeed!


A new site for DD

We had been taking a songwriting, retooling break while members of the band pursued other ventures, but now we’re back in the saddle, rehearsing and recording. We’re about 60% finished with a new LP with the working title of “Cooking Tips for New College Students”. Hmm, maybe that’s not a great title. I guess we have work to do. Stay tuned for more.