Firkin Tavern – Camp Crush | Rum River Cult | Deepest Darkest

Rad show where everybody knows your name. The Firkin is a throwback tavern from a simpler time in Portland. You’ll have a great time. Oh, and our friends, Camp Crush and Rum River Cult are joining us to make it an extra special night.

Hugs and Kisses, Yallz!


Deepest Darkest, Camp Crush, and Billie Gale at Alberta Street Pub

Our PDX buddies, Camp Crush will be joining us and Billie Gale for a special Friday night show at Alberta Street Pub. It’s going to be a night to remember, so bring your polaroids and portable cassette recorders. Camp Crush kicks it off at 9pm sharp, followed by Billie Gale at 10pm, then Deepest Darkest at 11pm.

Billie Gale - the band
Billie Gale from Oakland, CA
Camp Crush - the band
Camp Crush from Portland, OR

EP No. 2 debriefing

Wow, what a night! 3-22 was a whirlwind. Special thanks to Subways on the Sun and Camp Crush for their amazing work promoting the show and then bringing their amazing music to the stage. I saw a sea of smiling faces enjoying the music. Also, huge thanks to Bryan Free for his piano work, and Deepest Darkest co-founder, Jared Abraham for bringing the percussion. We couldn’t have been happier with the night. Thanks to everyone who came, who bought a CD or shirt, and who made it so special. See you at the next show!